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Low Level Laser Therapy (cold laser) is capable of healing deep and persistent injured tissues, according to studies conducted in both laboratory and clinical settings. Its effectiveness has been proven for a range of conditions. How is Theralase different from other Laser treatments: Compared to most other therapeutic lasers, Theralase TLC-2000 super pulsed lasers used by Leap Physiotherapy emits a stronger, more intense laser treatment that can reach tissues far deeper and with much greater power. Our team has received specialized training to maximize the benefits of utilizing the Theralase system.

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Advantages of Theralase 2000 Low Level Laser System:

  • Unlike Light Emitting Diodes (“LEDs”) (low priced, not collimated light sources used by some other “laser therapies”) , Theralase 2000 laser diodes provide 100% of their light energy in the direction of the tissue condition.
  • Super pulsed Dual Wavelength Technology targets all three known cellular pathways sensitive to light energy for enhanced bio-stimulation effect.
  • Faster treatment times, the SMART Laser Technology delivers tailored, optimal energy dose in less time.
  • Advanced Technology: The unique technology analyzes how the patient’s tissue reacts to the laser and adjusts the dosage of laser light energy accordingly.

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At Leap Physiotherapy, we are pleased to offer direct billing for most insurance plans, including GreenShield, Sun Life, Blue Cross, and WSIB.

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