IMS Dry Needling

IMS is performed by specially-trained physiotherapists and physicians, who thoroughly examine and search for taut muscle bands or trigger points. After locating them, a clean acupuncture needle is inserted into the tense muscle, resulting in a muscle contraction known as a “twitch”. This leads to the release of the muscle, which in turn reduces the pulling effects that tight muscles have on joints, discs, nerves, and tendons. It essentially “jump-starts” the nerve and muscle function, resulting in a reflex relaxation. Most patients experience a sensation with an overall feeling of “release”. The result is a relaxed muscle with less stress placed on joints, tendons, and nerves.
Patients will often feel immediate pain relief and increased movement after IMS. The effects of IMS can be longstanding, often lasting weeks or even months, with steady improvement from treatment to treatment.

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